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The airline industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic with thousands and thousands of crew members losing their jobs

Malindo Airways (Malindo Air) is one such airline, which recently had to downsize its operations and reduce its workforce by 2,200 personnel from its original 3,200 staff, retaining only about 1,000 personnel.

Those who lost their jobs received a three-month salary package as part of their severance pay.

The company, however, is not paying the severance pay in bulk.

“Just instalment for three months,” a staff who is among those retrenched told this SAYS writer.

According to the staff, whose name SAYS is not revealing for privacy, Malindo Air was being “really secretive” about the retrenchment exercise as the staff didn’t even know that 30 October was their last day.

“They changed our schedule at 12am. I woke up and found out that I didn’t have to go to work anymore and two days later I got retrenched,” she told us, adding, “the saddest part about it was we planned to say goodbye and make a farewell party in the office but we were not allowed to come in anymore.”

She hinted at the company being afraid of the staff sabotaging the aeroplanes.

I didn’t even get to clear my stuff from the office.

Many of those who lost their jobs have since taken to social media to sign off while sharing the memories they made with the airline