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In a bizarre incident, a 40-year-old man climbed a coconut tree and sat atop for about eight hours in Karnataka’s Dasobanahalli Gollarahatti village, demanding that his wife be reunited with him. According to villagers, the woman had left him five years ago after frequent quarrels.

The man, identified as Doddappa, climbed the tree around 3 pm on Tuesday and refused to come down, chastising villagers for failing to resolve the family dispute and bring his wife home, reports Mumbai Mirror. Doddappa said it has been difficult for him all these years taking care of the house and three sons.

For eight hours, villagers and Doddappa’s sons stood below, requesting and persuading him to come down. However, a stubborn Doddappa insisted that he would come down only after his wife returns. Villagers said Doddappa had married twice and it was his second wife who left him.

He first married a cousin who went to her maternal home 20 years ago as she was not able to conceive. “His second wife left for her mother’s home five years ago after repeated fights with him,” a villager said.

Later, the villagers informed Kanahosahalli police in the evening. PSI H Nagaraj rushed to the spot by 8 pm and assured Doddappa that his wife would be brought back. Three hours later, the police managed to bring Doddappa’s wife and convinced him to come down with the help of fire and emergency services personnel.

Nagaraj said the police did not receive any complaint. “We conducted a meeting late night in the presence of village elders and convinced the couple to live together. Both have agreed to reconcile in the interest of their sons,” he said.


There is no rule in place that says you have to sit in the backseat of the car, according to Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob

While there are restrictions on the number of people travelling together in a car during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), there is no ruling that the passenger of a car must sit in the backseat.

You can sit anywhere in the car. If you want to sit in front, by all means.Ismail Sabri

However, both of you must be from the same household

According to Ismail Sabri, as long as you and the person with you in the car come from the same location and family or household, you don’t even need to wear a mask in the car.

“You don’t even need to wear a mask in the car together as you stay under the same roof,” he said during his press briefing yesterday, 11 November.

The Defence Minister’s comments about CMCO rules with regards to travelling in a car with another person came after an allegation went viral that a man was fined for letting his wife sit beside him in a car

“The case was an ill-intentioned act on the part of the driver because when I got the video and contacted Bukit Aman asking why he was fined, they said the video was intended to tarnish the police. He was fined not because his wife was sitting next to him, but because he was using his phone while driving,” he said.

The Ministry of Health on Twitter has shared the advice: