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A National University of Singapore (NUS) student was allegedly stalked by a man who tried to take upskirt photographs of her outside Kent Ridge MRT Station on Wednesday.

She has made a police report on the incident.

Police confirmed the report was made and said investigations are ongoing.

The student posted on social media that another commuter told her the man had been following her and had at one point knelt behind her, appearing to tie his shoelaces.

Her posts included photos of a man in a green shirt, one of which shows him kneeling behind her at a bus stop near the station.

The commuter also told her that he had seen the man taking photos of her while they were on the train.

She said the man vanished after the commuter approached her.

Mr Kenny Leck, the owner of BooksActually, who shared the student’s screengrabs on Facebook, said the man had allegedly tried to take upskirt photos of her at about 9.50am.

Responding to queries from The New Paper, an NUS spokesman said the student reported the incident to the NUS Office of Campus Security (NUS OCS) on Wednesday.

“NUS OCS has reached out to the female student, who declined the university’s offer to provide her with support,” she added.

“We understand that she has reported the matter to the police.”

The spokesman said the school will keep in touch with the student and render assistance to her if required.

She said the safety and security of students remains the university’s top priority.

“Security measures are in place to enhance the safety of our campuses,” she said.

“Members of the NUS community are also encouraged to remain vigilant, and to report any suspicious activity to NUS OCS immediately.”


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Ever experienced the embarrassment of mistaking a customer as a store worker just because they were wearing the same kind of shirt?

It happens more frequently than we’d like it to, and this Thai student knows exactly what that feels like. A Twitter user recently shared her story of jumping on a construction worker’s motorbike and instructing him to fetch her to school, only to realise that he wasn’t the taxi driver she thought he was.

The netizen posted the tweet, hilariously sharing:

“Today’s joke. I was rushing to class because I was late. Upon seeing an orange shirt (uniform for motor taxis in Thailand), I waved at him and he stopped his motorcycle in front of me.”

“I jumped on his bike and told him to send me to the pier.”

It wasn’t until halfway during the journey that she realised she was actually on the motorbike of a construction worker! Not a taxi!!!

She explains that Thai motorcycle-taxi riders are often identified by their bright orange vests with numbers on the back. However, the bright orange colour is very similar to the vests that construction workers wear. Hence in her flurried state, she wasn’t able to distinguish between the two.

The Twitter user said she was only able to identify his true profession because he was wearing a white construction helmet.

“After sitting on the bike for awhile, I thought it was odd that his helmet looks like that of a construction worker’s instead of a motorcyclist’s. In short, he was indeed a construction worker. Hahaha.”

What’s more amazing is that the kind man still insisted on sending her to the pier. She went on to add that he even refused to take the money that she offered him for the ride.

“But I gave it to him anyway and then ran quickly to the pier,” she wrote.

Apparently, this is a common occurrence in Thailand. According to the Smart Local, Netizens who discovered the tweet responded to it with their own stories of mistaking normal motorcyclists as taxi drivers.

Other netizens joked that she must have been a pretty girl, and that’s why the man was willing to stop and drive her for free!


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As Malaysians, we are made up of different races and religions. No matter the differences, at the end of the day we are still a united nation.

On 7th August, Twitter user Fatin (@nytafatyn) uploaded a video on Twitter that showed the beauty of our nation!

Fatin has told us that this video was filmed in Kolej Vokasional Kulim where she is teaching. The Malay teacher in the video is her colleague who actually teaches Mandarin! Impressive!

The Indian student in the video is an automotive student who is currently taking Mandarin classes from the Malay teacher. Basically, the student came to see the teacher to submit his assignment, and she was trying to get him to change a bit of his assignment, hence the discussion done entirely in Mandarin.

It is seriously very impressive as some Chinese people can’t even speak Mandarin that fluently! Kudos to them both! 

Netizens have since commented on the now-viral video.

One netizen said that they felt quite proud watching that video. Us too!

Another netizen said that back when they were in a Chinese school, their Mandarin teacher previously mentioned that it will not be impossible in the future that Mandarin will be taught by teachers of other races because Chinese students themselves are not interested in taking this subject anymore.

Other netizens are just amazed when watching the video! Same!

It’s a nice feeling to see that students nowadays are more open to learning other languages, which will, of course, help them in their future careers! In fact, we should all think of picking up another language!


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We can all agree that moving our bodies to a song we love is something that comes naturally.

But expressing oneself through dance in public is definitely something most would shy away from, but not for this high school student.

That’s why the video of him busting some major moves to Blackpink has taken Malaysian internet by storm.

The performance was a special one organised during a Teacher’s Day celebration at SMK La Salle, Klang, and it drew praise from netizens in the Twitter-verse.

One was commenting on how fearless the kid was.

“Nowadays, there are a lot of guys out there who can dance, and in public at that. Omg, I’m so jealous.”

Another commended his moves and that anybody can dance.

“Despite his body shape, his moves were sharp af.”

“Deal with it society, don’t judge a person by their appearances. If you can’t do it, just be silent and watch them slay.”

One even lamented how she wishes she could emulate the confidence of the individual.

“This is a kid living his life, having fun, doing what he loves, not hurting anybody. Wish I had even 1% of that sass.”

Surely the teachers of the school were thoroughly entertained by the performance.

With all the positive comments coming his way, it is almost certain that this teen’s passion for dance will not end here.

Who knows, we might just be looking at the next Asia’s Got Talent star.


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A Malaysian student just made us proud on an international pedestal after she won an English speaking competition which was held in Hangzhou, China over the weekend.

NST wrote that Nicol Yong Jia Jia was named the champion of the Belt and Road Youth English Speaking Competition and the China Daily ’21st Century Cup’ International English Speaking Competition. Meanwhile, Chen Qiyu from China bagged the second place in the competition. Congrats! 

The finale which was held in Hangzhou International Expo Centre saw 31 contestants from about 30 countries and regions.

The competition’s sole purpose is to help youngsters from different backgrounds to understand other countries and cultures better.

Adding on, the competition was a joint effort by China Daily, Hangzhou Municipal Government and the English-Speaking Union (ESU). During the competition, there were themes for prepared speeches for the contestants and the themes are as mentioned below:

  • Let Us Be True To One Another 
  • The Great Truth Is Simple

According to the organisers, the themes were meant to inspire the contestants to share their opinions on a “shared future”.

Besides that, it was also aimed at encouraging communication via competitions and “exchanges in response to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)”, which was recommended by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013.


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On Sunday (24 March), an 18-year-old student was flung out of a car after being involved in a tragic accident. It was reported that the student had lost control of the vehicle. This incident happened at 2.10pm in Tawau, Sabah.

According to Sinchew, the victim was a vocational college student and he was driving his 27-year-old teacher’s Honda City. It was understood that the duo was driving from Tawau to Lahad Datu at the time. Tawau district police chief confirmed the incident and revealed that the student wasn’t wearing his seat belt and had no driving license.

During the time of the incident, the Honda City was believed to have hit a divider on the road and spun out of control before plunging into a drain on the left. However, the car kept going and was heading towards a slope when the student got flung out of the vehicle.

The victim hit an electric pole and fell into the drain. Sadly, the driver was pronounced dead at the scene and the car was totalled. The female teacher who was wearing her seat belt was traumatised but didn’t suffer from any physical injuries.

She told the police that the driver wasn’t drunk but that his seat belt wasn’t fastened when the accident happened. The victim’s blood sample has been taken by the cops for examination for alcohol and the case is now being investigated under Section 41 of the Road Transport Act.


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A video has been going viral on Facebook showing a curious monkey perched on the balcony at an unidentified school minding its own business.

Some schoolboys notice the monkey and are seen jeering at the monkey while trying to shoo it away. One of the boys starts throwing aggressive taunts and hand gestures before flinging a projectile at the creature, causing it to hiss and retreat.

The boys try to chase the monkey away, continuing to throw objects until they have successfully shooed the monkey away. Or so they think! Suddenly, they pause and start running back the direction they came from when the monkey calls out to his furry friend.

Not so brave after all huh? It looks like the monkey had returned with some backup from another monkey and the tables turn as they chase the boys back into the classroom, screeching and whooping in victory.

Netizens, as usual, had some thoughts about this bootleg version of the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, sharing some of their thoughts and experiences about the mischevious animals.

“One monkey probably said to the other, ‘Bro, is that the guy that threw his slipper at you? Come, let me settle him for you.’”

“I always get chased by monkeys! After I buy food, I gotta hide it under my clothes.”

“Yeah, you thought that monkey was a lone ranger, but turns out he has a gang and wants to put y’all in the ICU.”

“Don’t bother wild monkeys! They are so savage. I remember one monkey once put a friend of mine in the hospital by biting his ear because he kacau the wild monkey.”

“This monkey is obviously a hardcore gangster.”


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As painful as it is, people in relationships or marriages get into secret affairs more often than we care to admit. What made this one different, however, is that the person the woman was cheating on her boyfriend with turned the tables on her and made her life a living hell!

A Terengganu student, who is currently pursuing her studies in an Ipoh university, met her new flame, who is a foreign worker from Bangladesh, via WeChat in August last year (2018). Even though she was already in a relationship with a guy from her hometown, the affair between the 20-year-old woman and the man developed rapidly.

M'sian Girl Cheats on BF With Foreign Worker Who Later Sexually Assaults and Threatens Her - WORLD OF BUZZ

According to China Press, he would regularly fetch her from her campus for meals, give her an allowance, and eventually, have sexual intercourse with her. It is believed that around this time, he started taking explicit photos of her sleeping in the nude.

However, things soon became sour after the student and her secret lover broke up as the consequences of her infidelity lingered. Her ex-lover threatened to circulate said nude photos of her and started to blackmail her. That’s not the worst part, she also reported to police that he had forcibly taken her to an apartment in Setia Alam (Shah Alam) and held her there against her will.

Image result for setia alam town

Once her former lover blackmailed her with the photos, the woman was forced to meet him face-to-face. It was there and then that he forced her into his car, and kidnapped her to Setia Alam! Yes, if you’re still following, that means he drove her all the way from Perak, which was at least a two-and-a-half-hours-drive. That’s a lot of effort to put into committing a crime.

When they arrived at the apartment, he tried to prevent the woman from escaping by claiming that his car had been loaned to a friend of his, so there was no way she could get away. That was the beginning of her kidnapping, which lasted for one whole day. While she was there, he even attempted to strip and rape her.

Nonetheless, the woman put up a good fight, and luckily for her, her attacker not only relented, but even brought her back to her campus! That’s really fortunate!

The trauma of the event shook the woman to her core, and she ended up coming clean to her boyfriend and told him that she had cheated on him, who urged her to lodge a report. It is learned that she has since checked herself into a hospital, and the police have successfully captured her ex-lover.

It may seem like a plot right out of a movie, but sometimes real life is just that chaotic and surprising! If anything, we hope that the woman is fine and it’s best to always be true to your partner!


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Student Failed An Exam And Commit Suicide

March 12, 2019 | Info, News | No Comments

Life deals a fair share of blows to all of us, but sometimes, it may be too much to take, leading some of us to resort to drastic measures.

A 22-year-old Swedish girl studying in Penang met an all too early end after she jumped to her death from a condominium.

Eyewitnesses, who were at the pool of the Sri York condominium the night the tragedy happened told police they had first seen the victim, Mrida Kaul, dancing without clothes on in her room while blasting sad songs.

Afterward, she took a bag of rubbish and threw it out from the fourth-floor unit, at 8:45pm on March 9, Saturday, reports Oriental Daily.

Not long after that, she leaped from her house and died on the spot. A security guard there spotted her body and placed an emergency call to the police.

Upon their arrival, Police also broke into the victim’s room with help from the fire and rescue department and found her belongings scattered all over the floor.

A good friend of Kaul’s told police that Kaul’s boyfriend had cheated on her, and the latter had found someone new, which left her distraught.

She also revealed that there had been a disagreement between Kaul and her housemate – who was in Subang at the time – and she had felt more depressed than ever after failing her exams.

She must have felt so helpless during those dark days! Upon further investigation, northeast district police chief Asst. Commissioner Che Zaimani Che Awang told the press that no injuries apart from the ones inflicted by the fall had been found, and that the case had been classified as sudden death, since there was no evidence of foul play.


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An International Medical University of Malaysia (IMU) MBBS student is in the eye of the storm for his sexist and insensitive comments following the death of artist Emily Kong, in an accident last Saturday (9 March).

Emily who was involved in a traffic collision as her car crashed into a tree in Kuchai Lama, drew condolences from members of the public on The Star Online‘s Facebook post.

However, not everyone shared the same feelings for the death of Emily Kong.

A student from IMU decided to share his opinion on how Emily could have avoided the tragedy in the first place.

The student commented!

He wrote, “Condolences. I hope all the girls learn a good lesson now. Never leave the pub without a guy. Man and woman work together.”

Aww… Chivalry lives on after all. But wait! It didn’t end there.

We offer you a safe drive home and you give us makeout or sex. I mean girls like sex too right?”

“This is what happens when women think they can do everything on their own and be independent. Every woman needs a man.” Despite having deleted the comment, people kept receipts, and they’re being forwarded to his university.

One netizen wrote, “Future doctor from IMU, JPA scholarship holder. Sex crave comment on a demised local celebrity. I have been told junior doctors are crap, but he is way out of the crap league.”

A petition was then started, alleging him to be a threat to society who should be prevented from pursuing his studies.

IMU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Peter Pook Chuen Keat took to Facebook to respond to the issue.

He writes, “I wrote to the student and requested that he should

1) delete/withdraw his online comments and

2) apologise.

I understand that he has cooperated with item (1).” “Personally, as all IMUians know, we must practise our respective healthcare role with professionalism, ethics AND with empathy. There will be further discussion on this particular case at our university. I am sincerely sorry and sad for the student’s insensitive remarks which has caused so much pain to the family, friends and general public.”

The IMU Student released an ‘apology’, but read at your own risk:

“I apologise to women in general and whomever else who feels offended for whatever reason.” But that was not the end of it as he began to give his reasoning behind his post.

He wrote, “To clarify, anybody who has or is in an open relationship would understand that this is a normal happening. We go out at night with a special person for drinking, and we drop them home safely. We send them home. We protect them.” “And if they invite us to their place we go and be with them. We kiss, we bond, and we have sex. Our role is to protect them.

In return, they give us a good surprise.” “I forgive those who made this viral despite me removing the comments. I forgive all the hate shown towards me or my acquaintance. I forgive all the vulgar messages I received. And because I forgive, I have not been affected by this at all.” “Your hatred has not got to me. I also forgive those instigating by misrepresenting the comments to get more likes.

This is a social media disease.” “Let me be the bigger man here and not stoop to profanity or low level of language.” Let’s be mindful and evaluate what we want to say before incidences like this keep repeating itself, shall we?


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