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A 17-year-old in Penang recently died by suicide after a man threatened to upload her private photos onto social media

The Star reported that on Monday, 10 August, the teen jumped to her death from an apartment building and the family members were notified later in the evening.

Prior to the incident, the victim’s mother received a phone call from an unknown man who claimed to be the victim’s boyfriend.

He demanded to speak to her and when his request was denied, he became aggravated and threatened to publicise the teen’s private photos.

The following day, authorities apprehended a 20-year-old suspect from Kuala Kangsar.Penang police chief Datuk Sahabudin Abd Manan said that they also confiscated his mobile phone and found explicitly edited photos of other women.

According to The Star, the man was arrested by a team of police from the southwest police district headquarters in Perak, on 4 August at about 7.50pm.

Sahabudin told New Straits Times, “Our probe found that the suspect will deceive victims he got to know from Facebook before threatening to release their edited photographs in social media platforms if they refuse to have sex with him or decide to end the relationship.”

He also added that the man had extorted other women in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, and Perak as well. In these other cases, the man asked for money from the victims using the same modus operandi.

The case is being investigated under Section 507 of the Penal Code for insulting the modesty of a person

Sahabudin also said the suspect has no prior criminal record and is being remanded for seven days from 5 August until 11 August.

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A 20-year-old woman, said to be a victim of cyberbullying, was found dead at her home in Penang on Tuesday, 19 May

According to New Straits Times, she was found hanged in her home in Bukit Tengah.

The victim’s brother called her at 9.30pm, but she did not answer. It forced him to break into her room and he found her unresponsive.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was declared dead by the doctors.

It is revealed that the victim, R Thivya Nayagi, died by suicide after a TikTok video of her with a co-worker went viral on Facebook.

The video was filmed by Thivya, which featured her with her Nepali colleague. They worked in a 7-Eleven store together.

However, the video was re-shared by several fake Facebook accounts with malicious captions, including one account with 70,000 followers called ‘Joker Oruvan’.

The victim’s elder sister, R Logeswari, told New Straits Times that her sister had been receiving mean comments on the Internet because Thivya was spotted with a foreign worker in the video.

“The post had been widely shared by netizens who continue to make derogatory remarks, suggesting that she was ‘an easy character’,” said Logeswari.

“Thivya did not only suffer from cyberbullying but people started to recognise her from the video.

“Although we know the truth of her relationship with the boy in the video, yet she was feeling down over the things being said about her,” the sister added.

Social activist David Marshel, who is currently helping the family, said Thivya is believed to have taken her own life after feeling humiliated by netizens’ comments, reported Malaysiakini.

Logeswari said her sister’s passing shocked the whole family because Thivya had always known to be brave and outspoken

“Now we have lost our sister because someone wants to be famous on social media,” she said, adding that they had just lost their mother last year.

Logeswari said Thivya had asked the fake accounts to remove the video, but her request was ignored.

David said the account that instigated the cyberbullying has since been deactivated after Thivya’s death became public knowledge.

A police report has been lodged by Thivya’s brother and David has helped the family to file a report to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) yesterday, 20 May

“We hope the MCMC will take firm action against this Facebook account, which slandered a complete stranger to the point of causing death,” said David, who is also the Malaysian Tamilar Kural president.

“It is also saddening that the Facebook account’s administrator refused to entertain the family’s explanation and their request to remove the video.

“We hope the MCMC will see this case as a precedent for taking stern action against Facebook accounts that only slander people.”

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The finance minister of Hesse, Germany, Thomas Schaefer, committed suicide after he allegedly became “deeply worried” about how to handle the economic situation due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

According to The Star, the 54-year-old’s body was found near a railway track on Saturday (28 March) and is believed to have committed suicide, reported the Wiesbaden prosecution’s office.

“We are in shock, we are in disbelief and above all we are immensely sad,” state premier Volker Bouffier said

Hesse is where German’s financial capital Frankfurt, is located and is home to the European Central Bank and major lenders like Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank headquarters.

Bouffier recalled that Schaefer, Hesse’s finance chief for the past 10 years, had been working “day and night” to help companies and workers deal with economic impact of the pandemic.

“Today we have to assume that he was deeply worried,” said Bouffier.

“It’s precisely during this difficult time that we would have needed someone like him.”

Schaefer leaves behind a wife and two children.


Recently, 32-year-old salesman, Jun, made headlines after jumping to his death from his apartment in Queenstown, Cheras. His death sparked outrage amongst netizens because the deceased was reportedly being paid a monthly salary of RM1,000 in a credit card sales company.

Many social media users began pinpointing the company, blaming them for the deceased’s severely underpaying salary as his friend said that the suicide victim was struggling to make ends meet with his below-average income.

However, the deceased’s supervisor has just come forward, announcing her shock at his death since he was an “ideal” and “ambitious” subordinate who worked hard and gained favour in the eyes of his superiors.

As reported by China Press, the victim’s supervisor who is known as Gong, said in a televised interview that while his basic salary was RM1,400, his total monthly commission brought his monthly income to nearly RM4,000.

“Jun was a very hardworking employee and the company regrets his death. The reason for his suicide should be left for police investigation.”

Gong went on to say that Jun’s monthly rental only cost him RM150 and his petrol expenditure was typically divided among colleagues, ranging from RM150 to RM200 a month. Hence, the salary allocated to him was assumed to be enough to cover his daily living costs.

The statement was made after the credit card company received surmountable backlash from the public who called them out for abusing employee rights. The deceased’s supervisor even said that banks have approached the company to question them on their employee benefits since news of Jun’s suicide broke.

On the day of the tragic suicide, the deceased was found wearing only a pair of red shorts by a security guard after he leaped from his apartment building and landed on the awning of a car park. He died on impact.


Facebook Employee Commits Suicide At Company’s HQ

September 26, 2019 | News | No Comments

According to a report from CNET, a Facebook employee named Qin Chen jumped off from the fourth floor of the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California to end his life. The 38-year-old man, who was a resident of San Mateo, is currently thought to have committed suicide with no foul play involved.

When the district police and the Menlo Park Fire Protection arrived at the scene he was unresponsive, so they tried to revive him but failed. Thus, he was announced dead at the scene.

The police said that the investigation was done ethically. A spokesperson from Facebook said in a statement that, “We’re cooperating with police in their investigation and providing support to employees,” and “While the family is being notified, we have no information to share.”

However, a YouTuber known as Shyu felt there was something fishy about the case, especially since he used to work as a Facebook employee himself. He then uploaded a video to shed light on Facebook’s company culture and to perhaps help give Chen’s family and friends some closure on what might have motivated him to take his life.

He had also collected some intel from Facebook Blind, which is an internal anonymous chat app, and found out that many of the other Facebook employees suspected that Facebook was trying to cover up the suicide as just another “death at workplace”.

Shyu posted the video on Monday and explained details of Chen’s suicide that he had collected from the Blind app. However, Shyu still stresses that these are just speculations and have not been verified.

According to Shyu, based on the posts in the Blind app:

  1. Chen used to work for Facebook’s advertising group, which can also be described as “a very high-stress group.”
  2. Chen’s performance rating dropped, and the company moved him to the PIP or Performance Improvement Plan – or according to the YouTuber, “the path to you getting fired”For an employee, being put under this program will cause great embarrassment.
  3. Chen tried to make things better by requesting to be transferred to a different team before he was put in PIP.
  4. He allegedly found another team but the manager held back his transfer by convincing him to stay on his team till the end of the quarter and promised to give him a good performance rating.
  5. After the quarter ended, he received a bad rating by his manager that stopped him from moving to a different team.
  6. Chen had enough when they assigned him to do a Severe Site Event (SEV) review. He reportedly tried to delay the process but was blocked by an internal script.
  7. One hour before the review, he allegedly committed suicide.

All of these assumptions were collected by Shyu from the Blind app but the video, and he also showed a poll where 61.8% of the employees admitted that they feel stressed out.


IBU terkejut apabila mendapati anak lelakinya berusia 14 tahun sudah meninggal dunia di rumah mereka di Bakam, Miri semalam.

Kejadian berlaku 6.30 pagi apabila ibu remaja itu ke bilik tidur anaknya di tingkat atas rumah bagi mengejutkan anaknya supaya bersiap ke sekolah.

Ketua Polis Daerah Miri Asisten Komisioner Lim Meng Seah ketika dihubungi mengesahkan kejadian itu.

Beliau berkata, ibu mangsa menemui mayat anaknya dalam keadaan kepalanya ditutup menggunakan beg plastik yang diikat dengan tali nilon.

“Pemeriksaan di tempat kejadian turut menemui nota ditinggalkan remaja itu yang meminta seutas jam diberikan kepada rakan perempuan sekelas sebagai hadiah.

“Mayat mangsa dibawa ke Unit Forensik Hospital Miri untuk bedah siasat.

“Setakat ini kes diklasifikasikan sebagai mati mengejut (SDR),” katanya.

Harian Metro

A married woman and her lover allegedly posed with guns before they died in what police in India believe was a suicide pact, according to reports.

Heartbreaking pictures show the tragic couple holding the weapons shortly before their deaths.

They have been named in press reports as Anju Suthaar and Shamkar Chaudhary, both aged 21.

It is thought they uploaded the images and video on social media before taking their own lives.

According to News 18 , they left an audio message saying they had fallen in love.

The Times of India reports that Anju had married less than two months earlier.

It happened in the village of Leelasar in Jaisalmer.

An investigation has been launched to find out how the couple got the pistols.

SP Rashi Dogra told the Times of India: “We will talk to the friends and family of the couple and find out from where they got the country-made pistols.”

They are thought to have been under the influence of alcohol when the tragedy happened.


Buat kerjalah, bukan nak bunuh diri…

May 31, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

DISANGKA cuba membunuh diri, dia terpaksa berbuka puasa di balai polis, semalam.

Itu yang berlaku kepada Asyraf Azlin, 24, yang bekerja sebagai juruteknik di sebuah hotel di Kuala Lumpur.

Semalam, tular di media sosial video dan gambar Asyraf dikatakan cuba membunuh diri dari tingkat atas sebuah hotel.

Menurut Asyraf, pada jam 3 petang dia berada di bumbung hotel tempat dia bekerja untuk melakukan penyelenggaraan.

“Ketika itu saya berada di tingkat atas untuk menjalankan rutin bulanan menyelenggara sistem air panas.

“Saya ada berlegar-legar di kawasan lapang tingkat atas itu menjawab panggilan telefon.

“Bagaimanapun, kira-kira 15 minit kemudian pengurus hotel datang kepada saya dan bertanya sama ada saya dalam keadaan baik,” katanya.

Asyraf berkata, dia hairan apabila ditanya dengan soalan itu.

“Pengurus memberitahu ada menerima laporan bahawa ada individu yang cuba membunuh diri dan mereka menyangka saya adalah orangnya.

“Ketika itu, pihak bomba dan polis sudah bersiap sedia di bahagian bawah dan sedang mencari mayat,” katanya.

Menurutnya, dia dibawa ke balai polis berhampiran untuk memberi keterangan.

“Setiba saya di balai polis, polis menunjukkan video individu yang cuba membunuh diri dari atas bumbung hotel dan individu itu adalah saya.

“Saya jelaskan, saya berada di situ bukan untuk membunuh diri tetapi buat kerja penyelenggaraan. Saya berlegar-legar di kawasan lapang atas bumbung tu sebab jawab panggilan telefon, ” katanya.

Asyraf berkata, selepas lebih empat jam memberi keterangan bagi membantu siasatan baru dia dibenarkan pulang.

“Saya terpaksa berbuka di balai polis. Kejadian ini agak lucu tetapi memberi pengajaran kepada saya.

“Ramai yang mesej memberi kata semangat untuk tidak melakukan perkara yang tidak sepatutnya terutama rakan sekerja dan ahli keluarga. Mana ada saya nak bunuh diri, ” katanya.

Harian Metro

A 16-year-old in Kuching, Sarawak committed suicide after netizens voted for her to end her life via an Instagram (IG) poll.

According to Astro Awani, the teenager jumped from the third floor of a shoplot in Bandar Baru Batu Kawa, last night (13th May). Chief policeman of the Padawan district, Superintendent Aidil Bolhassan, was quoted as saying,

“About 69 per cent of her IG followers supported her decision (to end her life) via the poll, which was created around 3pm yesterday.”

FYI, she had created an IG poll which read: “Really Important, Help Me Choose D(Die)/ L (Life)”, and allowed the netizens to decide her fate.

Besides that, she also posted a Facebook status indicating that she was tired of life. Her Facebook post, which was all in caps read,


After the authorities checked the victim’s mobile phone, they figured out that the girl had written a heartfelt WeChat status to her friends in Chinese before committing suicide.

Aidil explained that the girl might have felt stressed after her step-dad married a Vietnamese woman in Singapore. Apparently, both of them (the step-father and his wife) rarely come back home.

The victim’s body was found by a man at around 8pm, and he immediately reported the incident to the Batu Kawa police station. Following that, the victim’s brother and Indonesian mother also stumbled upon her corpse when they were on their way home after dinner.

Additionally, Aidil shared that the victim’s corpse was brought to the Forensic Department of Sarawak’s General Hospital for an autopsy. The authorities then concluded that there was no criminal motive detected and the case was classified as sudden death. 

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This is just devastating! 

The Star reported that a 41-year-old man just committed suicide inside a car at the Miri Hospital compound. The tragic incident took place on 23 April 2019 at around 10pm.

It was reported that the man took his own life by using “exhaust fumes from his own car to gas himself to death”. Miri police chief Asst Comm Lim Meng Seah said,

“The man took (a) video of himself inside the car as he was about to commit suicide and sent it to his wife. The police rushed to the scene after being alerted. It was the son who found the man inside the car.”

The police found that the car was locked from the inside. Therefore, they had to open the door using force. According to Asst Comm Lim, after the police’s investigation, they concluded that it was a suicide case as they found no foul play in the case.

At the time of writing, the police revealed that the body will still be sent for a post-mortem, so we should keep our eyes peeled for further information on this matter.

Hopefully, the police will quickly find a conclusion to this matter and we extend our deepest condolences to the man’s family and friends.

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