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A woman in the United Kingdom caused massive damage to a supermarket in Stevenage, Hertfordshire after she went on a bottle-breaking spree down the alcohol aisle.

Viral videos taken by shoppers on Wednesday show the woman sweeping wine and beer off the shelves and chucking them onto the floor, causing a pool of booze and broken glass to build up around her.

At one point, the woman loses her balance and injures her right hand after falling onto the shards.

She remained undeterred and continued tossing bottles onto the floor with her left hand while keeping her right arm raised.

According to a report by The Sun, the woman allegedly hurled a bottle of gin at a customer after he told her to “calm down.”

Television presenter Lee Clark, 50, witnessed the “extraordinary” scene himself on Wednesday and estimated that the woman must have destroyed over 500 bottles of alcohol.

“She didn’t say a word the whole time and had a very vacant look in her face.

“A man told her to calm down so she threw a bottle of gin which hit him in the leg.

“It was shocking and started getting incredibly dangerous,” said Clark.

A security guard then approached the woman from behind to restrain her and lead her away from the premises.

A Hertfordshire Police spokeswoman revealed that the woman was taken to a hospital to treat injuries on her hands and is currently under police custody.

“Police were called at around 2.30pm on Wednesday to report an incident at the Aldi supermarket in Fairlands Way, Stevenage.

“It was reported that several bottles of alcohol had been thrown onto the floor and smashed.

“Officers attended and a woman has been arrested,” the spokeswoman was quoted as saying in The Sun.


We often hear stories about letters and notes being left on cars or popped through people’s doors – both good and bad – but this is a new one.

A woman was left completely baffled when she found a note stuck to a block of cheese sitting on a supermarket shelf.

While Rebecca loved the sweet message, others have joked that it was a bit “cheesy”.

Rebecca from Melbourne, Australia was walking around her local Woolies when she spotted the note, which read: “To whoever is reading this, you are doing great!

“You deserve an amazing and happy day today!”

Rebecca shared the note on Facebook, with the caption: “Not something you see at Woolies every day but made me smile”, reports Kidspot.

A number of people commented on Rebecca’s post, with a few saying how lovely the note was.

One person said how sweet it was and another said they loved the idea.

Whereas another joked: “It’s a bit cheesy though! Now if it was in the beer fridge…!”

Similarly, a mum from Brisbane, Australia discovered a note from a stranger hidden in the top of a baby formula tin days after she sent her husband to the shop to stock up.

It read: “Enjoy this little something. Happy Wealth Wednesday” and attached to it with a paperclip was a five dollar bill.

Taken aback by the heartwarming message, Tillz took to social media.

But it wasn’t long before people suggested that it was a woman named Susanna Lucy, who regularly leaves surprises like this – and sure enough it was later confirmed that Susanna was behind the lovely note.


Everyone needs to really take the Movement Control Order (MCO) seriously. We’ve already been in this MCO for close to a month now, and yet there are still people out there who feel that it is alright to go against the order.

A family of six in Sabak Bernam has collectively been charged RM6,000 for not following the MCO when they went to the supermarket together. Now that’s a costly supermarket outing! As reported by NST, Sabak Bernam district police chief Superintendent Agus Salim explained that the family members who are aged between 19 to 48 were apprehended on Saturday (11 April) at 12.45 pm. He said,

“Among the offences committed was going against the order of an enforcement official, entering a supermarket as a group, (and) not practicing social distancing. All the individuals were compounded according to Regulation 11 of the Regulations and Control of Infectious Diseases 2020.”

The family have now been given two weeks to pay up their fine. We would like to urge everyone to please adhere to the MCO. We are living in difficult times and we need to do this collectively in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. Let’s not add unnecessary stress on top of what we are already going through at the moment ok?