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The Kuala Lumpur Selayang Wholesale Market and Taman Sri Murni in Selayang is currently under lockdown after suspected cases of Covid-19. The hawkers were blocked by the military starting 4am today. Currently, the whole area has been fenced by barbed wire according to reports by China Press.

Huang Jinfa, chairman of the Kuala Lumpur Vegetables Wholesalers Association told the publication that he was notified by the National Security Council to inform the hawkers that the market wouldn’t be allowed to open on the 19th and 20th. The area is guarded by the PDRM and the military.

Currently, the number of confirmed cases in the area has yet to be released. No one is allowed to enter the area or leave even if they have a permission slip. Hopefully, netizens abide by the lockdown and remain indoors. At present, additional details have yet to be released to the press at this time.