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A tragedy occurred on 12th November when a 12-year-old schoolgirl jumped to her death in the elementary school building in Guangdong, China. Her father received this piece of news and rushed to her school, only to find her lying on the ground, falling unconscious.

Xiao Ru’s father painfully described when she smiled for the last time as he called out for her name. Even though she was sped to the hospital, she still couldn’t make it as she suffered from breathing difficulties and excessive blood loss.

When Xiao Ru’s father looked at the CCTV footage of what happened before her death, he broke down in tears seeing how she was treated by her mathematics teacher. According to See Hua Daily, this entire incident happened during lunchtime, when Ms Wang (the teacher) insisted to check on Xiao Ru’s homework before the young girl had any chance to eat at all.

Ms Wang threw Xiao Ru’s homework onto the ground, in front of all the kids, and she began yelling at the girl for not finishing her homework. The teacher went on to smack the girl’s palm for a couple of times with a ruler and continued criticising Xiao Ru for 3-4 minutes. All her classmates witnessed how humiliated Xiao Ru felt, and she burst into tears. Right after taking in Ms Wang’s scolding, Xiao Ru walked out of her classroom which was located on the 4th floor and jumped off the building.

Exasperated by the poor girl’s death, the father demanded the 40-year-old teacher to give an explanation about the whole disaster. However, not only that Ms Wang did not show herself after this incident, but the school was also unable to provide sufficient information regarding the teacher’s qualification certificate.

Nobody knows what she had gone through before her leap of death, we hope that she is able to rest in peace now. It’s saddening to see children choosing to end their lives because of modern-day stress that some adults sneer at, mocking them with the mindset of “we had it worse back in our days”.


China might have banned corporal punishment in schools but with little to no guidelines specifying just what exactly constitutes corporal punishment, students have found themselves subjected to multiple cases of abuse by teachers.

Several students from Shui Quan High in Henan, China, were rushed to the hospital after examinations revealed that they all had foreign matter lodged in their stomachs, causing severe aches. Turns out, their teacher had forced them to eat literal garbage as punishment.

Following The Beijing News’ reports, the teacher, while in the midst of a classroom spot check, realised the students had forgotten to empty the waste bin. When no one dared to answer who was responsible, the teacher allegedly forced them outside of the classroom and made them swallow the contents of the bin until it was empty before they were allowed back in.

“He stood aside and watched, I didn’t dare to not eat,” a warded student related to China Press.

He shared that there were at least 10 other students who were similarly punished, though none of them dared to tell their parents — they were threatened with expulsion should a third party find out.

According to the victim’s parents, it wasn’t until after the students had finally managed to expel waste did they realise there were paper, longan shells and even plastic bags in the mix.

While the school’s principal argued that the teacher had not meant his words and had only said out of anger, many netizens were quick to point out that the students wouldn’t have actually eaten rubbish unless subjected to duress.

“Students aren’t stupid. If no one forced them why would they eat it?”
“With the teacher standing there forcing them to eat, what can a 10+year old child do?”
“This is horrifying. Normally you’d retaliate if someone forces you to do such things. What kind of discipline have these students been receiving to be so terribly obedient.” PHOTOS: Screengrab/Weibo

The teacher responsible has since been detained while the principal has been dismissed from his duties.


‘Teachers overworked as wardens’

October 15, 2019 | News | No Comments

Teachers who also take on the role of fully-residential school wardens are being forced to work round the clock, seven days a week, claimed the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP).

Its president Aminuddin Awang said this was because these wardens had to shoulder more than 50 duties when they begin their “shift” in the hostels.

“There are only 26 official duties listed in a financial circular letter No.6/1995 on the procedure for selecting wardens (Surat Pekeliling Kewangan Bil. 6/1995 Tatacara Pelantikan Warden Asrama), ” he said at a press conference at the union’s office yesterday.

For the union’s secretary-general, Harry Tan, a warden’s duty is on top of the teacher’s teaching duties.

“How can you expect a teacher to give their all to both their jobs when they have no rest? When are they going to have time to prepare (their lesson plans) for the next day?” asked Tan, who added that being a hostel warden also opened a teacher up to the possibility of lawsuits from parents in the event anything happened to their child.

“These wardens are being treated like babysitters and are expected to follow the children around everywhere, ” said Aminuddin, adding that the wardens were forced to do this to avoid possible lawsuits.

“The public thinks a hostel warden’s duties are the same as a prison warden’s where they monitor everything from going to the toilet, eating and sleeping to other matters, but it’s not, ” said Tan.

He said a hostel warden cannot patrol an entire hostel alone, adding that bullies tend to wait until the warden is not around to attack.

Tan said a warden was also expected to be a janitor, which means he is also called upon to resolve matters such as water shortages, as well as fixing broken pipes, taps and lights.

Things are even bleaker in the rural areas where there are no electricity or proper access roads to the hostels, which are also typically in poor conditions.

These wardens face a lot of difficulties getting sick students to a clinic while the dilapidated hostels pose a serious risk to both students and wardens, said a hostel warden from Sarawak.

He also said the wardens were expected to send students to the hospital in the middle of the night and pay their medical bills first even though some parents would not reimburse them if they had to go to a private clinic.

Tan said the situation had degenerated into one where school heads had to coerce teachers into taking up the role because no one wanted it, and that there were those who were driven to resign to avoid being a warden.

Tan said the prescribed ratio of one hostel warden to every 50 students was another stumbling block as it was not always the case that another warden would be appointed if the number of students exceeded 50 but remained at fewer than 100.

Aminuddin said he hoped the Education Ministry, especially minister Dr Maszlee Malik, would address this situation for the sake of teachers’ welfare.

This is more so considering that the minister had promised to reduce teachers’ workload, but those who are taking on warden duties are sacrificing so much of their time in exchange for a fixed housing allowance (also known as imbuhan tetap perumahan).

A teacher who takes on the role of a warden will get an allowance of RM300 to RM900 a month, depending on their grade, though this amount is halved if the warden stays in the premises.

The fixed monthly allowance is given on top of the hostel warden allowance of RM240 they receive every month.

Aminuddin said the union hoped full-time warden positions would be created so that teachers could focus on their core duties and their families as well.

He, however, suggested that teachers could still play a role in the hostel, although the majority of the duties be taken on by a full-time warden.

Tan added that NUTP would be submitting a memorandum requesting a revision of the warden’s duties and proposing some solutions to the minister.


SINGAPORE – A teacher from a pre-school in the east has been temporarily suspended after a parent found bruises on her three-year-old son who attends the school.

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) is looking into the matter.

The boy’s father, who wanted to be known only as Mr Zhao, said his son refused to go to school after bruises were found on him. A few days later, the boy said he was “afraid of the… teacher”.

The boy and the pre-school cannot be named to protect the child’s identity.

Mr Zhao, a 31-year-old photographer, said the bruises were discovered on Aug 14, when during dinner, his wife noticed several bruises on their son’s legs and stomach area.

The couple contacted his pre-school about it, Chinese-language daily Lianhe Wanbao reported on Monday (Aug 26).

As they were not able to get any answers from the school at the time, the couple decided to file a police report.

Mr Zhao and his wife also took their son to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and the doctor said the bruises were unlikely to have been caused by the child playing and getting bumps.

The police confirmed with The Straits Times that a report on the matter had been filed, and they are investigating.

When contacted, the pre-school told ST on Wednesday that two working days after the incident was reported, the teacher was temporarily suspended, pending the official incident report released by the authorities.

The teacher has been in the early childhood sector for four years and has been with the pre-school for more than a year.

A spokesman said the school takes a serious stance on the matter, and is working closely with the parents and the police.

ECDA said on Wednesday that “it takes a serious view towards any case of child mismanagement”.

“Pre-schools are required to report to ECDA any incidents that have an impact on the safety of children and staff,” the agency said.

“ECDA follows up on every alleged child mismanagement incident, such as through unannounced visits to pre-schools, interviews and verification of records.

“Immediate actions will be taken if findings support the allegation.”


As Malaysians, we are made up of different races and religions. No matter the differences, at the end of the day we are still a united nation.

On 7th August, Twitter user Fatin (@nytafatyn) uploaded a video on Twitter that showed the beauty of our nation!

Fatin has told us that this video was filmed in Kolej Vokasional Kulim where she is teaching. The Malay teacher in the video is her colleague who actually teaches Mandarin! Impressive!

The Indian student in the video is an automotive student who is currently taking Mandarin classes from the Malay teacher. Basically, the student came to see the teacher to submit his assignment, and she was trying to get him to change a bit of his assignment, hence the discussion done entirely in Mandarin.

It is seriously very impressive as some Chinese people can’t even speak Mandarin that fluently! Kudos to them both! 

Netizens have since commented on the now-viral video.

One netizen said that they felt quite proud watching that video. Us too!

Another netizen said that back when they were in a Chinese school, their Mandarin teacher previously mentioned that it will not be impossible in the future that Mandarin will be taught by teachers of other races because Chinese students themselves are not interested in taking this subject anymore.

Other netizens are just amazed when watching the video! Same!

It’s a nice feeling to see that students nowadays are more open to learning other languages, which will, of course, help them in their future careers! In fact, we should all think of picking up another language!


Being a teacher is a calling as it takes someone truly dedicated to their job to invest their lives into educating children as young as they start kindergarten. This means that days and weeks are spent coming up with ideas on how to encourage little kids to want to learn, including being their “best friend” and relating to them so that they are more open to listening to their teachers.

With that being said, you might have seen videos circulating on social media where teachers give their students a choice on how they want to be greeted.

A teacher from Banpruewai School in Thailand started doing the same, and in a video she shared on her Facebook, she can be seen standing next to a wall where four options for greetings are placed: hug, handshake, fist bump and high-5.

Identified as Nattaya Nat, 25, she greets each student that enters the classroom with the greeting of their choice.

Here’s the video!

~สวัสดีตอนเช้า #ลูกลิง🐒💕

Posted by Nattaya Nat on Khamis, 20 Jun 2019


Decades ago, caning as a form of punishment was a common practice among primary and secondary school teachers. Even parents of the students allowed teachers to discipline their children, but times have changed as public caning or even private caning is now heavily frowned upon.

Recently, a video of a mother scolding a secondary school teacher for violently caning her daughter went viral on social media and WhatsApp. In the two-minute and 28-second video, multiple bruises and red welts can be seen on the secondary schoolgirl’s arms and legs.

The video, taken by the mother herself, starts off with the male teacher trying to justify his actions, but is soon cut off by the very upset mother who questions his actions over and over again, according to The Star.

“She said that she was sorry. Why did you do this to her? You are a teacher (cikgu besar), don’t talk like this. Look at her arms!” she said.

“You are a teacher, you cannot do this kind of things. You are wrong!”

At this point, the teacher only kept quiet and nodded his head as the mother went on expressing her displeasure.

“She only said things to you. She did not hit you, did she? If she hit you and you hit her, then it’s fine. Don’t be like this,” she said.

“You are angry? You can fight? You’re strong? You are a teacher, you are supposed to teach the children.”

After a brief moment of silence, the teacher speaks up again and asks the woman if she knew what her daughter had said to him.

The woman said she knew that the girl had used the word “ah kua” (ladyboy) on him.

The teacher tried to explain himself once more but was interrupted by the woman who said“But she already said sorry! Did she say sorry? She said sorry, right?” to which the teacher admitted that she did once.

The woman then asks, “One time is not enough? How many times do you want her to apologise?”

The teacher then says that she only said sorry after the caning and when the girl’s friend had told her to. Another teacher defends the teacher saying that how she behaved was very inappropriate and disrespectful as she called him “ah gua” in front of other students.

In a separate photo that went viral, the same schoolgirl can be seen holding a police report, believed to be lodged against the teacher.

The whole incident has garnered mixed reactions online with some supporting the teacher, saying that kids these days are being pampered too much and deserve to be disciplined by their teachers.

On the other hand, others said that the teacher’s actions had gone too far and that there are many other ways to reprimand such actions instead of using the cane.


Posted by 天地会娱乐分享 on Isnin, 24 Jun 2019


A 33-year-old tuition teacher in Seremban allegedly sexually harassed an 11-year-old girl recently through physical touch and inappropriate text messages

According to China Press, the incidents began in early April at the man’s tuition centre in Mantin, Seremban. 

The centre is operated by the man and his wife. 

The victim’s mother had found inappropriate texts between the man and her daughter in April, and decided to confront him at the time

Can I kiss your face?” the man asked through text. When the victim said no, he replied with “you should say ‘anything'”. In other texts, the man also reminded the victim to “delete the messages, if not other people may be able to read them”.

When the mother confronted him with the texts, the man was filmed admitting to the crime and said he should not have done it. His wife had also begged the mother to not lodge a police report against him.

The mother eventually relented, but made the man promise to apologise publicly for his actions, immediately stop teaching, and leave the tuition centre for good.

Despite making such promises, the man maintained a presence at the tuition centre by fetching students to and from school.

According to a Facebook post by the victim’s mother, the man’s wife also began making baseless accusations against her and her daughter, and consistently denied incidents of sexual harassment at the tuition centre. 

On top of that, the man’s wife had also announced the closure of the tuition centre beginning July on Facebook, but has since deleted the post. 

Citing the couple’s untrustworthiness, the victim’s mother finally lodged a police report against the man yesterday, 16 June

In another Facebook post, the woman added that her daughter revealed incidents of the man trying to kiss her. He allegedly also held her hand and touched her thighs

On top of that, female students at the tuition centre had allegedly been ordered to go to the man’s office to let him “dry their hair” after shower. 


BANGKOK (ANN): A teacher was found dead in a bedroom in her father’s home on Wednesday after allegedly taking a dose of weight-loss pills, police said.

Chalida Watanasin, 32, was found dead at 8.45am after her father noticed she had not got up. 

Chalida, who taught at a private school, was visiting her father Somkiart and her son in Trang’s Muang district.

A doctor, who inspected the body, said there was no trace of injury though there were traces of foam at the mouth. The doctor believed Chalida had died about six to eight hours earlier.

Three packs of weight-loss pills were found in the room, with two pills missing.

The doctor believes she took the pills before going to bed and succumbed to heart failure. 

Chalida’s friend Janthima Chunyong, 34, told police that Chalida had bought the pills on April 5.

The body has been sent for autopsy at the Songkla Nagarind Hospital in Songkhla’s Hat Yai district. – The Nation/Asia News Network

-The Star

Just recently (April 2019), a teacher attended his students’ wedding dinner and he brought a gift that was way more valuable than all the ang paus the newlyweds received that evening. He brought a love letter that he had confiscated from the groom several years ago in secondary school and returned it to him in front of everyone, according to China Press.

“I confiscated your love letter when you were still in secondary school. I actually wanted to return it to you after graduation. Unfortunately, I may have been a little late in ‘delivering’ the letter.”

Apparently, the teacher has been safeguarding the letter all these years and been meaning to find a chance to return it to the couple. Finally, he got the chance when he was invited to attend their wedding. What’s more heartwarming was that the lovebirds’ relationship has survived the test of time as not many high school lovers can make it to marriage, if we’re honest.

The heartfelt teacher’s speech also went viral online and netizens were touched by the heartwarming scene.

“Although this teacher has no blood ties with the students, he still wishes to see them together and be successful in the future. What a noble teacher,” a netizen said.

Regrettably, the juicy content of the love letter wasn’t disclosed.