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Some inventions just seem to come out of nowhere.

Avocado toast has quickly become a prominent breakfast dish over the past several years due to its apparent popularity among millennials. Fortunately for fans of the dish, a TikTok recently showed off a new invention that he says makes “the fastest avocado toast ever.”

The TikTok page Unnecessary Inventions recently posted a video that shows off a creation it calls the “avocado-on-a-stick.” The invention appears to be an empty deodorant container that has been filled with mashed avocado.

According to the footage, using the invention is fairly simple. Just twist the bottom until enough avocado is pushed through the top (similarly to how one uses deodorant). Then, simply spread the avocado against a piece of toast.

In the video, the inventor explains, “I invented the easiest way to make avocado toast. Meet the avocado-on-a-stick. This handy little container features fresh mashed avocado. And you can twist this little knob to reveal a little more avocado. Then you just grab a piece of toast and spread on your avocado. The fastest avocado toast ever.”

Since posting the footage, it has been viewed over 4.3 million times.

Based on the comments, it seems that the Internet’s reaction to the invention has been mixed. Many users seemed uneasy with using an old deodorant container, with one user writing, “That really does not look edible.”

Others, however, seemed impressed with the creation. “I actually want to buy this,” wrote one commenter.

Some people, however, had another issue with the video. “No one’s gonna talk about how empty his fridge is?” added another user who apparently noticed the bare shelves in the refrigerator.