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For many Malaysians who have been tuning in daily to watch the live broadcasts of our Health Director-General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, he has become more and more of a familiar face for us, almost akin to a neighbourly uncle who makes sure you’re doing alright.

With his calm composure and concise speeches, his word has become the word that all Malaysians depend on during the Covid-19 outbreak.

And what will you know, it’s not just us Malaysians who think that Dr Noor Hisham is incredible, either!

According to Malay Mail, Chinese state television network CGTV has been named as one of the ‘top doctors’ in the world, with his straightforward and calm approach to handling the Covid-19 crisis in Malaysia.

He was named alongside America’s Dr Anthony Fauci and New Zealand’s Ashley Bloomfield, and all three were lauded for their calm demeanor, and above all for being a trustworthy source of information for their respective countrymen, allowing the nation to continue making the right decisions when dealing with this pandemic.

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, who has been appointed as Malaysia’s Director-General of Health since 2013, has won the hearts of Malaysians for his fact-based approach to handling the Covid-19 crisis while also helping ensure calm among Malaysians while informing the public.