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As most of you already know, WhatsApp is a popular social media app that allows people to text and make calls with the use of the internet.

A new desktop version of this app was made available back in 2015, however, it is only usable if you have your smartphone connected to the web.

But users may rejoice as now it seems that an updated version is in the works, which will change the status quo.

According to reliable WhatsApp leak source WABetaInfo, it is possible that the company is in the process of developing what is called the Universal Windows Platform app, meaning that the app will have a multiplatform system that will work independently of your smartphone.

The app currently has 1.5 billion users active worldwide and this update is a big deal. With this change, it will still allow its users to still stay in contact even when their phone is unavailable.

Besides this leak, The Next Web reported that other information is not yet available regarding when this feature might be released.


video has been circulating on social media of a mak cik and her seriously awesome rendition of Nirvana’s iconic “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

From the video, it looks like this took place at an open house where they were having a serious karaoke session. The mak cik appears to be doing a duet of the song with another woman but the mak cik takes centre stage when they reach the chorus. With just the right amount of angst, anger and emotion, her version of the song impressed netizens as it was rather unexpected.She would’ve made Kurt Cobain proud!

She certainly seems to be enjoying herself, though no one knows her identity. That said, she has been dubbed Mak Cik Nirvana or Mak Cik Cobain by netizens, with lots of them showering her with praises and admiration. They also said that she looks like she grew up in the Kurt Cobain era, so it’s no surprise that she’s familiar with that iconic song. In fact, some said that she must have been a young teen back then and was reliving her youth with that song.

It was mentioned that she was with a friend at a homestay in Pulau Melayu but other than that, no one knows her identity. Well, she’s certainly enjoying herself, and we can totally appreciate her passion for grunge rock!

Risau juga kalau macik ni mau nama cucu dia Kurt Cobain.

Posted by Seposen on Ahad, 16 Jun 2019