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An Italian man infuriated by an argument with his wife stepped outside to cool off but ended up walking 450km.

The unnamed 48-year-old from the northern city of Como on the Swiss border – reportedly hiked for a week in an attempt to calm his anger after he had fallen out with his wife.

The man’s cooling off voyage ended in Fano, a small town on the Adriatic coast some 450km south after few police officers stopped him at 2am for breaching Italy’s lockdown curfew rules due to the raging Covid-19 outbreak situation in the country.

According to Independent, the police officers who picked up the man did not believe he could have walked so far.

However, after a quick check, they realised that his wife had indeed reported him as a missing person back in Como a week earlier.

The police handed the man a €400 (RM1,974) fine for breaching the curfew rules before calling his wife to get him.

Based on reports in the Italian media, the man was cold and tired, but he admitted he had not realised quite how far he had gone during his long walk to clear his head.

BBC quoted the man telling the police: “I came here on foot, I didn’t use any transport.

“Along the way, I met people who offered me food and drink.”

It was reported that the couple reunited after the man’s wife arrived at Fano to get him.

She was then handed her husband’s overnight hotel bill in Fano along with the police fine.