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As a measure to help stranded university students who could not return to their homes during the MCO period, the government announced that all students in higher-learning institutions staying in dorms would be eligible to receive free food.

While the initiative was directed towards providing for financially struggling students, a recent post on UTAR’s Confessions page revealed that not everyone is grateful for this service.

Recently, an outraged UTAR student took to the university’s confession’s page to call out students who were wasting government-paid food as stacks of packaged meals could be seen on the floor, untouched. The caption on the picture reads: “Just in Westlake only but there’s about 100 packages of food left. You guys registered for this food but you don’t come and take it. Please be a responsible uni student.”

“Don’t waste food, will you? Very shocked that the quality of students are so low. Does anyone still know the value of food? I feel embarrassed because I know more than one person who doesn’t want it.”

The angered netizen went on to list the kinds of excuses he would get from his friends who don’t want the free food:

“It’s too far away”, “It’s hot”, “I’m not awake yet,” “Lazy le”, “Can I get three meals at a time?” “”Can I get three meals at once? if not, can you help me get it?” (I am not dorm mates with this person and I know that this person is not punctual so it will affect my schedule).”

Stressing the importance of not wasting, the student said: “If you are not someone who needs this food, please let those in charge know and remove your name from the recipients of this aid. This food is for people to eat.”

The netizen went on to share his opinion of how students shouldn’t give the food to stray animals either, “I don’t understand the behaviour of people who take food to feed cats and dogs. These stray dogs and cats are pitiful but the purpose of the project is to provide food for the remaining college students and reduce their burden.” But that’s not all they were angered by.

The post also criticised those who weren’t happy with the selection of food provided by the government, saying that other universities were given better meals. To this, the netizen said, “I want to say that some of the food they’re giving us is good. You know other people don’t have enough to eat. Don’t apply if you won’t take it.”

They ended the post by thanking the school, “I would like to thank SRC for serving students very hard in this period. They do their best to meet the needs of all students. Even in hot weather, food is distributed to students at various locations.”